“Samsung Galaxy S6 Won’t Connect To Computer” | 4 Easy Fixes

You don’t always need to have your phone connected to a computer, but there are instances when you really must transfer huge files to the computer to free up some space on your phone, at which point you discover that having the ability to connect to the computer is vital. Since their phones can no longer connect to their PCs, several Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ owners have started whining about this Samsung galaxy s6 not connecting to pc issue.

I will make you understand about troubleshooting your Samsung galaxy s6 won’t connect to computer issue. Until we can identify what the issue is, what causes it, and what needs to be done to remedy it, we will try to identify every option and rule them out one at a time. Continue reading if you possess this phone and are experiencing the “computer won’t recognize Samsung galaxy s6” issue since this post could be able to assist you.

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How to fix the samsung galaxy s6 won’t connect to computer?

1. Check the USB Debugging

Go to Menu -> Settings -> Applications and Development and disable USB Debugging from there. Even though this might not be a viable solution, it is worth checking if it will help you.

2. Update your drivers and check 

if you are using the latest version of them on your PC with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ drivers such as Samsung Mobile Drivers, Google Android Drivers, QuickCam Driver, etc. These drivers are crucial for the devices and apps to work on the Windows PC. Make sure that your PC is updated with the same version of these drivers which is compatible with your device and do not get the issue of samsung galaxy s6 won’t connect to computer. If not, then update them now from this link.

3. Check if there is sufficient space on your phone memory 

To make it possible for your phone to connect to a PC via USB cable and use Google Drive or any other cloud storage account to transfer data in case using a microSD card slot is not feasible. To fix the problem of the computer won’t recognize samsung galaxy s6.

4. Check for any damages to the USB and USB cable

You need to make sure that your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ phone is not damaged in any way. If you can’t find any physical damage, check the USB port on your computer if it is functioning properly and working well. You can also try using a different USB cable and see if this solves the problem.

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How to disable the Factory Reset Protection on your Galaxy S6 Edge+?

If you want to fix your samsung galaxy s6 won’t connect to computer issue, then you should disable the factory reset protection. Because it can be accidentally activated and deleted your files and apps automatically, this feature should be disabled. To disable firmware protection you first need to go to Settings –> Backup & reset. 

Is my data is locked?

If you have locked your data in your device you will face the “computer won’t recognize samsung galaxy s6” issue. Data encryption prohibits data access from unauthorized users so if your phone is encrypted and then connected to a computer to gain access to your private data, it will not work.

So, you have to give access to the data from protection and you will be able to solve the “samsung galaxy s6 not connecting to pc” issue. 

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