How to Convert an Image With Text Into Textual Information

Have you ever come across an image with text, such as a screenshot or PDF document and wondered how to get the text out of it? Converting images with text into textual information can be a difficult process. This article details various ways to extract text from an image and how to convert it into textual information.

Go to an Online OCR Website

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) websites use advanced computer vision algorithms and natural language processing to accurately recognize text in images, and extract the text from them. When choosing an online OCR website, consider mobile OCR SDK for the accuracy and reliability of the service, as well as the range of input and output formats available. 

Some services also offer image pre-processing capabilities that can help you improve the quality of the input image, and obtain better results. To get started, simply find an OCR website that meets your requirements.

Choose the Language of the Text

This is important because it will ensure that the accuracy of the output is as high as possible. If you’re unsure what language the text is in, then you can use the OCR tool’s auto-detection feature. It is important to remember that many languages have similar letters, so it is important to ensure that you select the right language. For example, selecting “English” instead of “German” when trying to convert an image with German text will result in inaccurate output.

When selecting a language for your OCR conversion, make sure to double-check that it is correct before proceeding with the conversion. The language selection menu should allow you to select any language supported by the online OCR website you are using.

Select the Output Format

When selecting the output format, there are a variety of options available depending on the OCR website you are using. The most common output formats include:

  • Plain text: Plain text allows for easy viewing of the extracted text without formatting. It is also the most versatile option since it can be used with many applications, including word processors and search engines.
  • Microsoft Word: This is the most popular document format, and it is the default used by many OCR websites. With this output format, the extracted text will include all of the formatting, such as font type and size, indentation, and page breaks. This makes it easier to copy and paste the text into a Microsoft Word document.
  • PDF: This is an ideal choice if you want to retain the original layout of the text in the image. The extracted text will appear exactly as it did in the image, making it easy to copy and paste into another document or website.

Click On Convert

Once you have uploaded your image and selected the language and output format, you can click on the ‘convert’ button. The OCR website will then scan the image and extract the text from it. Depending on the quality of the image, accuracy and speed, conversion may vary. After the text is extracted, it can be downloaded in various formats, such as Microsoft Word, plain text, HTML, or PDF.


Converting an image with text into textual information can be a time-consuming process. With the help of online OCR websites, you can do it quickly and easily. With the above steps, you can now turn any image with text into textual information. However, ensure to read the instructions carefully before attempting to convert an image with text.

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