What to Do with Scratches on the Phone Screen?

 In the modern world, touch phones have become the norm for everyone. But these phone screens can also suffer from scratches which can be a nuisance for many users. Removing them from the phone screen can be difficult for you. Before you try to remove scratches, you must understand what you are doing. It is also essential to know the material from which your smartphone’s screen is made. You can find such information in the instructions with the kit or in this article which helps you choose the right tool to remove scratches in the future.

Scratches on the Plastic Screen? Toothpaste Can Fix It

Scratches are divided into several types: some cause only cosmetic complaints, and others can lead to the breakage of your entire device. It also still depends on the place where the scratch occurred. For example, intense scratches on the whole screen, sometimes even with fragments, need a complete replacement of the entire screen, while light and medium scratches will not cause such problems. And every phone user can get rid of them at home with ordinary toothpaste. Please read how to do it below.

# 1 Step 

If your phone has a plastic screen, then run for toothpaste faster. After all, in this case, you should always have it at hand. Toothpaste can extensively remove scratches from plastic phone screens, roughly comparable to how it cleans your teeth. Its convenience lies in the fact that everyone has it in the home, saving you from unnecessary purchases. 

The critical point is that the toothpaste should not be gel-based; you must choose an abrasive one. You can read all the information on the box itself from it. A mixture of baking soda still has the same abrasive properties as toothpaste. To use it, you must mix the baking soda and graze together and try to eliminate the scratches.

# 2 Step 

In the next step, apply toothpaste or a mixture with soda on a cotton swab or applicator. What exactly to use for, you can decide for yourself, depending on what will be more convenient for you. It can be different materials, such as a cotton pad, soft cloth, or a toothbrush. The amount of paste should be minimal, a slight drop. If you use it, things will get messier, and the paste will get on your hands.

# 3 Step 

Now you need to apply toothpaste to the scratch. To do it, you begin to gradually rub the paste in a circular motion into the scratch of the screen until the scratch begins to disappear. Because toothpaste is abrasive, it won’t take much effort on your part. Again, rub in circular motions until progress is evident. If the scratch is very deep, toothpaste can significantly reduce it.

# 4 Step 

After that, clean the phone screen with toothpaste with a soft and slightly damp cloth. Then take a polishing cloth, and it will also be possible to wipe off the remaining oil or dirt accumulated on your phone. So your gadget will then be like new.

Scratches on the Glass Screen? Glass Polishing Products Will Correct the Situation

Using your phone without a case, protective film, or tempered glass may cause scratches on your gadget’s screen. Fortunately, minor scratches can be removed, and deep scratches can be hidden and less visible with the help of glass polishing products. Furthermore, you can do it quickly and easily at home in 5 steps.

# 1 Step 

To do this, you need to purchase or find a polishing agent at home, always based on cerium oxide. Glass screens don’t work as quickly as plastic, and you’ll need a more potent phone scratch remover. The cerium oxide-based polish is the best and can be purchased in a pre-mixed form or as a soluble powder. It would help if you looked at which option is more convenient for you. Only about 100g of cerium oxide powder for a smartphone screen will suffice. However, if you still have the powder, it’s okay because it can come in handy next time.

# 2 Step 

Now mix all the available powder to learn gruel. To do this, pour powdered cerium oxide (50-100g) into a small bowl and gradually add water until everything becomes homogeneous. Keep adding water gradually so as not to overdo it and make everything perfect.

# 3 Step 

Take the adhesive tape and seal all the places where the solution may get. If the cerium oxide polish accidentally gets into any hole in your phone, such as the speaker, charger inlet, or headphone jack, it will cause great harm. It can also ruin the camera lens of the gadget. So it is best to seal with tape and then proceed to get rid of scratches.

# 4 Step 

Dampen a smooth polishing cloth with a mixture of cerium oxide and pour a small amount over the scratch. And now, begin to wipe the area with a scratch in a circular motion. To control the result, you must constantly check the scratch type. After 30 seconds, patting the mixture with a clean cloth is better. We recommend repeating the procedure until you achieve the best result.

# 5 Step 

Do a final cleaning of your phone after applying the polish, and it’s good if you also wipe the screen with a polishing cloth. It removes any dirt and debris that appears while eliminating scratches. Next, remove the tape stuck in front of everything and wipe off the remaining dirt. It takes several minutes. After such a procedure, you will be surprised by how good your phone screen looks without excess dust and dirt.

Other Ways to Get Rid of Scratches


In addition to the previous two ways to get rid of scratches on your phone screen, detailed above, you should know a few more effective ways to deal with this problem. They are straightforward, so you will know what to do if necessary. 

Finding a Gadget Repairer

If the scratches on the screen remain after all your efforts to make things right, you can contact a professional who will help you fix this problem. For example, you can use the consulting service Howly, where you’ll be connected to a qualified smartphone expert with more than five years of experience. So the choice is obvious.

Magic Eraser

Magic Erasers have always been popular because they remove all the toughest dirt and stains. But now, they are still great at helping users get rid of scratches on their phones. However, it would help if you remembered that the eraser eliminates minor scratches, not deep ones. So, it’s necessary to have such an eraser for different cases.

Car Polishes

This tool was created to remove scratches from cars, so everything is evident here, which will also help with your phone screen. You may doubt it because these are entirely different materials, but you will be delighted with the result. Here you need to choose a tool that is suitable for the price and quality and read the instructions.


Unfortunately, not all tools work with technology. For example, we don’t recommend you when applying petroleum jelly or other products similar in texture. Unfortunately, it is what happens when you use Vaseline on your phone. The greasy texture smeared across the screen, after which it became sticky and stained everything around.

Screen Protector

For better protection of the gadget, there will be no new scratches after you get rid of them, according to the previous tips. And your desire is small to contact a professional next time. So it’s better to use a screen protector. In this case, the screen will be protected, and new scratches will not appear. And you can finally solve this problem.

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We hope our tips were helpful to you and you were able to solve the problem with scratches on your phone screen at home without the help of a specialist. And remember that the choice of means with which you will remove scratches must be appropriate. However, you can always ask the Howly experts for help with your tech if something goes wrong.


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