How to Ping a Cell Phone Without Permission?

A lot of users are wondering how to ping a cell phone without permission. The method of pinging a phone number is sending network packets and getting echo responses back. It is a computerized version of the echolocation technique used by bats and dolphins. Detailed pinging can have information such as GPS, contact number and the phone users name.

Pinging a phone number

All Android and iPhone mobile phones have triggers embedded in them. The responsibility of this trigger is to return GPS and location information to the cell phone providers. This falls under location services. It stays with the service provider forever. When you change service providers this information is transferred to that provider. This is useful in law and enforcement situations where 911 operators use software to trace the location of people. This helps in the law enforcement officers to reach the person quickly in their time of need.

However, these are all legal ways. If you are looking on ways on how to ping a cell phone location without permission then read on to know more.

How to ping a cell phone location without permission from Windows Command Prompt

One of the top ways on how to ping a cell phone location without permission is by using Windows Command Prompt. This is because, cell phones have an IP address as well. Yes, just like your laptop and computer device. This is possible if both the cell phone and computer are on the same network and connected to the same Wi-Fi internet.

While this method is quite technical, it will eventually show you the exact readout of the ping. Do note that this only works with Android phones. Here, the IP address of both the cell phone and the computer is required if you need this to work. 

Here is how to ping a cell phone location without permission:

  • Press the “windows” key and the “R” key on the keyboard at the same time.
  • This action will open the run box. In the run box type “CMD” to bring up Windows Command prompt. Now we can begin on learning how to ping a cell phone without permission.
  • Then hit “Enter” after typing “ipconfig”. If you do not already know, this will give you your machine’s IP address.
  • Type “Ping” on the following line of the command prompt, followed by the mobile phone’s entire IP address. A ping is sent to the phone as a result of this.
  • If everything worked, you should see the ping as well as at least two or three lines of the IP addresses ‘Reply from’ information. Each of these lines corresponds to a data packet transmitted.

This approach is quick and provides you with not just the technical ping, but also the precise number of data packets transferred to the phone. If you get an error, try turning off your computer, turning off your phone, and resetting your wireless router. It is also possible that the problem is due to an IP address mismatch. Only a ping is sent using this approach. It does not provide you with any information about the physical location of the mobile user.

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