How To Use SpeedFan? Control Fan Speed | 5 Easy Steps To Follow

SpeedFan is a Microsoft based software which allows users to monitor  their device by keeping a check on the temp, fan speed and the voltage. We think you are here because you are facing issues with managing the speed of the computer’s fan. So do not worry, because in this article we shall be discussing how to use speedfan to control fan speed. 

How To Use Speedfan And What Is It?

SpeedFan is basically a software to control the speed of the fans which cool down important computer hardware like the graphic card, motherboard etc. A lot of devices do not come with this software inbuilt. Hence, it is worth downloading this app especially for users who work on heavy duty software. Now, lets see how to use speedfan to change fan speed.

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How To Use Speedfan?

Step 1

Download Speedfan. Once you download it, you must allow it to scan the sensors as well as the digital monitor chips on your PC. You will see a new window which displays columns with information about the rotational speed of the fan and temperatures of the graphic card, motherboard hard drives, etc. 

Step 2

Click on the options tab to configure the settings. There, you need to check mark the “set fans to 100% on program exit” so that the fan can run at the speed you have set. Also, set the delta value for fan speed at the maximum.

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Step 3

Test the fan controls. You need to navigate to the advanced tab to select the motherhood chipset. Then, you have to click on the pwm mode option. It will be set on manual. If it is not, then you need to set it to manual. Click on OK and exit that window.

Step 4

Now the next step is to check the speed of the fan. Once you are back to the SpeedFan window, you must click the up and down arrow keys to increase or decrease the speed of the fan according to your requirements. However, do note that the speed should not be below .30% as this setting might cause the software to glitch and the fan might stop working. You can rename the fans if you wish.

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Step 5

Another alternative way is to set the fan speed automatically. Once you click on the options for configuration again, go back to the “speed” tab. Select the fans you need and check mark on the ‘automatically variated’ option.  You can also choose to have the fans automatically increase or decrease speed based on the temperature over here.

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Final Words

We hope that this article has resolved your queries on how to use speedfan to control fan speed. Now that you know how to use speedfan, you can alter the settings on your own to get the max cooling for your operating device’s hardware. This was the complete answer to how to use speedfan to change fan speed.

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