9 Ways To Fix McDonald’s App Not Working Issue

McDonald’s is one of the most popular food companies in the world. Not only can you order in store or on their website, they also have an Android app for the phone from which you can order for your favourite fries and burgers. But since the application’s launch, many users have reported errors as the mcdonalds app not working issue occurs making users wonder why is my mcdonalds app not working and how to fix it.

But what causes the McDonald’s app error and how do we solve it? It could be anything from faulty internet to corrupt files or even server issues from their side. Either way, there are various ways to solve the McDonald’s app error so let us take a look at it. 

9 Ways To Fix McDonald’s App Error

1. Switch from Wi-Fi to LTE

A top problem for the app failing to work which causes the mcdonalds app not working issue is bad Wi-Fi. The app’s functionality tends to get disrupted which is a normal thing. Hence, we switch off the Wi-Fi and switch on Mobile Data or LTE. This might help to fix the issue for those facing the mcdonalds app not letting me sign in issue. But if this does not work then there are still other methods.

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2. Log out and log in again

Sometimes, it could be a cache or a system error causing the mcdonalds app not working issue. The best way to deal with this is to log out and log in again. This can be done by performing the following steps:

  • Click on your Profile’s name in the navigation bar
  • Click the Log Out button
  • Once you are logged out, enter your username and password and log in again

This method should fix the can’t sign into Mcdonald’s app issue if the issue is occurred due to cache. Now, let’s move to the next method which you can use if this one doesn’t work.

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3. Server issues

Maybe the mcdonald’s app not working issue is not because of your app or phone at all. Chances are that there is a server outage which is McDonald’s fault itself. Occasionally, these things do happen and they acknowledge it as well and you don’t have to do anything to fix the mcdonalds app internal server error. Just to be sure, check if the app is working in another phone as well. If it is, then the mcdonald’s app not working issue is caused by something that went wrong in your device.

You can use other platforms till then until the server issue is fixed by Mcdonald’s.

4. Clear App Data and Cache

Every app you download stores a significant amount of data in your device in the form of data and the cache as well. Occasionally, the data becomes corrupt and it needs to be cleared. This might help to solve the mcdonald’s app not working issue. Follow these steps to clear app data and cache.

  • In your phone, go to Settings
  • Locate Apps and Click on it
  • Locate the McDonald’s app
  • Click on clear Data and Clear Cache
  • Relaunch the app and login again
  • McDonalds app not working issue will be fixed

This method is quite efficient and should easily fix the mcdonalds app wont let me sign in issue.

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5. Restart the McDonald’s Application

There is a good chance that your McDonald’s application is acting funny. You can simply close your restart the application to check wether that’s the case. It it worth giving a shot!

6. Reinstall the app

After trying all these methods if you are still facing the mcdonald’s app won’t let me log in issue, the last option we can suggest to fix the mcdonald’s app not working issue is to delete the app and reinstall it if nothing else works. This should definitely help fix the problem of mcdonalds app not working 2022.

7. Restart Your Mobile

Restarting your mobile is another option you have. This will close all the unnecessary operations that might be causing trouble in running the McDonald’s app. You can try this method as well to fix this issue.

8. Check For Updates

You can go to the App Store/PlayStore and check for any updates over there for the application. There is a chance that McDonald’s might have launched an updated version of the application which might be causing trouble for some features to work. If you haven’t enabled auto update then you will have to do it manually in the store.

9. Reset Your Device

If nothing works, you can reset your device to fix this issue. Well, we only recommend this method if nothing else works for you. This will completely reset your device and might fix the issue you are facing with the McDonald’s app as well.

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Final Words

Mcdonalds app sign in not working is an issue faced by a lot of users and fixing it is also quite easy. As we can see, there are various methods to solve the McDonald’s app not working on iPhone as well as Android problem. Using either of these steps should help fix the problem unless it is a server problem from McDonald’s side.

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