How to Fix Samsung Wireless Charging Paused Issue | 6 Easy Methods

The samsung wireless charging paused issue happens often in Samsung’s Note series mobile phones which come with a stylus pen. These phones are nowadays very notorious because once users place it for charging, it charges for only 10-15 seconds before displaying the wireless charger paused notification. 

Why Does The Wireless Charging Keeps Pausing In Samsung Phones?

There could be various reasons because of which the wireless charging keeps pausing. It could be either of these:

1. Faulty charging

Sometimes the charger gets spoilt or may not be connected properly because of which the phone will not charge.

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2. System cache issues

All phone apps store a cache to reduce the loading times. But, over time, even the cache has a possibility to get corrupted. This leads to other consequences such as the phone not working properly or slowing down which may even have an effect on the charging capability. 

3. Fast charging is disabled

Sometimes, samsung wireless charging paused issue happens if the fast charging is disabled.

4. Outdated software and apps

Outdated software and apps can cause Samsung wireless charging paused issue overtime. This is because the apps start glitching and develop bugs. The only way to solve this is by updating the apps timely. 

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How To Solve The Samsung Wireless Charging Paused Issue?

1. Check the charger

Begin by checking the charger to see if it is broken or not. You can do this by connecting the charger to another phone. If the phone charges then your charger is alright.

wireless charger

2. Activate the fast charging in the phone

Activate the fast charging option in the current phone and then check if the samsung wireless charging paused issue is still happening.

3. Update all your applications

The next thing you can try is to update all the apps you downloaded from the play store. Doing this is beneficial as it will remove any errors and bugs if any have been developed over time. Here is how to update all your apps:

  • Go to Play Store > Click on your Profile Icon
  • Click on Manage apps and device
  • Click On Update All
apps update

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4. Update all the Galaxy Apps

The next step here is to update all the Samsung Galaxy Apps that came preloaded with the phone. These apps can be found in the Galaxy Apps application. 

5. Update the software

Another step to fix the samsung wireless charging paused issue is updating the phone software. It is essential to update it on a timely basis to keep it free of corrupt and redundant files.

6. Wipe the Cache

Another reason for the wireless charging keeps pausing problem is because of a faulty cache. A faulty cache causes issues with the system files and applications which is bad for the phone. 

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Final Words

As you can see, it is common for Samsung Note phones to have the wireless charging keeps pausing issue. Although, with these steps we have provided, you should be able to solve the charging issue permanently. 

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