Failed To Download Attachment From Multimedia Message | 5 Methods To Fix

Many times users receive a message which states that failed to download attachment from multimedia. This situation occurs when there is a corrupt cache or data in the mms service. What’s more, even incompatible messaging apps or APN can also cause the failed to download attachment from multimedia message issue. 

It mainly occurs when someone receives an mms and tries to download the attachment. This usually happens in group chats. Quite bizarrely, the failed to download attachment from multimedia message even shows up when the user unlocks their phone. 

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Before we begin to solve this problem make sure these following settings are in place:

  • No file size limit is enabled in the mms settings
  • Check if the problem is caused by another sim
  • Make sure that your carrier has an active data plan

5 Methods To Fix The Failed To Download Attachment From Multimedia Message Issue

1. Change the network mode

If you are trying to download the mms via Wi-Fi, it will not happen unless you have activated the wi-fi calling option. But if it is already activated, then try switching it off and activating it again.

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2. Enable and disable the auto retrieval of mms

The auto retrieve feature’s job is to automatically download media as and when your phone receives it. This way, users do not have to download anything manually. But sometimes this very feature is the problem as it will not download any file whatsoever. To fix this problem, users will have to disable and enable the auto retrieval feature.

3. Disable package disabler

This software’s function is to bring bloatware app services to a complete stop. Unfortunately, this software also blocks many other apps essential to the user thus causing the failed to download attachment from multimedia message issue. So basically, the multimedia message download failed error may be caused because of this app stopping the mms service as well. Incase you cannot uninstall the package disabler, then disable it to solve the multimedia message download failed issue.

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4. Download boosters

This software is a feature exclusive to Samsung Phones only. With the help of this software, users can download bigger files much faster over Wi-Fi and mobile data. This booster can also be used to download other data and apps from the Galaxy apps store and Google Play Store. 

So, if users face multimedia message download failed issue then they can try downloading it with the help of the download booster.

5. Clear Cache

The MMS service makes use of a cache to carry out its tasks. If the cache is corrupt then it has to be cleared to continue using the mms service.

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Final Words

The failed to download attachment from multimedia message is a bizarre issue but using these solutions, users may be able to solve the problem. The main issue usually lies in incorrect settings and corrupt files. Once that is taken care of then downloads will happen naturally. 

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