Fix Google Play Music Stuck Uploading Error [UPDATED] | 5 Easy Methods

Google Play music is a very beneficial tool to music lovers, if not among the best. Found on the Play Store, this app can play songs from any genre and language. But then, even the best apps face issues sometimes, such as the google play music stuck uploading issue. Although this is a disappointing problem, there are several causes why it might have happened and here is how to fix it. 

1. Bad Internet

Sometimes, the google play music upload stuck issue can happen because of bad internet. For example, the wi-fi and mobile data not working. It would make sense to first fix that and then the issue might be resolved.

Easy Fix

  • Check your internet speed from here: Internet Speed Test
  • If the speed is low, connect with your internet service provider. If the issue is from their end, they will fix it. Their might be an issue from your end as well but don’t worry, your Internet provider will help you to fix the issue.
Internet speed test

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2. Using a google account on multiple devices

Using a single Google account on more than one device can make you in a fix. As the Google account can be accessed only at one device only at a time. If someone else is also accessing your account, then you can buy or upload to any song anytime. Even if you are trying to access your account on PC while your account on your mobile phone is logged in, even then you cannot access the Google play services at a time.

Easy Fix

  • Open your Google Account, you can login from here:
  • Go to Security
  • From Your Devices section, click on Manage Devices
google account devices
  • Remove all the extra accounts that you are logged in

You can also remove the google accounts manually from devices if you have them. It will surely help you to fix google play music stuck uploading error.

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3. Using an older version of the app

Google play music upload stuck can also happen if you continue using an older version of the app without updating it. This happens because the older version becomes redundant and causes errors. To solve this issue, you must update google play music to the latest version from the play store to solve the google play music upload stuck issue. 

Easy Fix

  • Go to Play Store > Click on your Profile Icon
  • Click on Manage apps and device
manage apps and device
  • Find Google play music app and update it or you can update all the apps.
apps update

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4. Unwanted software causing blockages

There is a chance that you might have downloaded some random software which might be interfering with your music app causing the play music stuck uploading problem. Do not fret. Just think about the latest software you might have downloaded and try to remove all the components and uninstall that particular software immediately. This is because, it might be even spreading viruses into the system causing the play music stuck uploading problem. Deleting the software should help fix the issue. 

Easy Fix

Delete the recent app or software you have downloaded in your device after which this problem start to occur. Once you are done, play the app.

5. Issues with the app cache

The google play music stuck uploading issue can also be caused because of issues in the app cache. This is caused when your playlist and the app do not sync properly. To solve this issue, you need to clear the app cache and data from the device and then reboot it after that. This should help fix the problem but if it does not then you will have to perform a factory reset on your device to solve the issue. 

Easy Fix

  • Go to Settings Apps & Notifications > Google Play Music Storage & Cache
  • Click on Clear Cache
  • After that, go back and click on Force Stop
  • Once done, restart your device
  • Google play music upload stuck error will be fixed

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Final Words

As we have seen, there are various situations that can cause the google play music stuck uploading issues. To fix the play music stuck uploading problems, you need to identify the main cause of the problem. It could be any of these issues that we have just listed. Fixing the issue at the root will allow you to use google play music efficiently again. 

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