“Owlet Sock Not Charging” Issue | 4 Easy Fixes {100% Working!!}

The Owlet Sock lets parents use an app to track their child’s heart rate and oxygen saturation levels. The Owlet Sock app allows many users to utilize it concurrently from any global location. If the owlet sock not charging when plugged in, you are not alone! This article will inform you about various ways to solve the owlet sock 3 not charging problem.

As we know, the battery life of a new Owlet Smart Sock is 18 hr, which is enough for one night’s sleep. Most parents charge the sock when it is not in use or between naps. About 30% of the battery is used after 7 hours of operation.

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How to know if your Owlet Sock is charging?

The simplest way to determine the battery life of the sock is by looking at the charge indicator. The sock will turn off automatically when fully charged to save electricity (battery life is reduced by 50% when charging). The owlet app displays the current status and always shows the current battery level in percentage.

For example, if your owlet sock not charging, you can check it by checking the green light on the sock. As you know, the sock sees red light when fully charged.

How to charge your Owlet Sock?

Make sure the power is off at the socket before you connect the owlet sock to it. Make sure that your owlet sock is charged before you plan to use it for the first time, as there may be a 45-minute setup of data and patterns for some users. If the owlet sock 3 not charging, check the plug properly. 

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Troubleshooting an Owlet Sock that isn’t charging

If you had noticed that owlet sock 3 not charging when you plugged in. You can fix it in the following ways:

1. Reset the Owlet Sock: 

If the owlet not charging, you can try to reset it first. By detaching the fabric sock’s electrical component and slipping it off the base station, you may turn the sock off entirely. The sock light ought to turn on.

Turn the current back on, and you may begin reattaching the electrical component again, planning your sock.

2. Check the Power Source:

Your Owlet Sock may need to be recharged. Some users had reported that they had problems with the owlet not charging when their Owlet Socks were charging while they were on top of the bed or in a bedside drawer. If this is the problem for you, you will need to plug your sock into a power source tested to be safe for children.

3. Rule out issues with the Sensor:

The owlet sock may attach to the Sensor incorrectly. That’s why the owlet sock not charging. Ensure both are powered on, and then try attaching the sock again.

4. Check For Issues With The Batteries:

An incorrectly installed battery may result in your owlet not charging correctly. In most cases, when there is a problem with an incorrectly installed battery, it will fall out of place within a few days while using your sock typically.

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